Give the gift of mental fitness.  

We believe global change begins at an individual level

Every person deserves a fair chance at a healthier and more balanced life. By teaching learners of all ages how to regulate emotions, calm the nervous system, and choose kindness and gratitude daily, we create a more interconnected and compassionate future for all.

For 20+ years we’ve built emotional resilience through mental fitness, and we’re just getting started

Where we’re headed


Our goal is to impact as many people as possible with our program—expanding globally to give access to all learners. Together, we’ll create a more compassionate society buoyed by hope and resilience.



Nine independent research studies across four countries (Canada, USA, Uganda and Portugal) have been published supporting the effectiveness of the MindUP curriculum. MindUP founder Goldie Hawn is recognized for her preventative mental health work by being named one of USA Today’s Women of the Year.



The first research study is published showing positive outcomes amongst students in the MindUP program: · increases in optimism
· improvements in general self-concept
· improvements in social-emotional competence
· improvements in attention and concentration
· decreases in aggression
· decreases in oppositional/dysregulated behavior



Alarmed by rising numbers of anxiety, depression, aggression and suicide in children, Goldie Hawn founded her Foundation, applying cutting edge scientific research to create educational programs that support the social and emotional development of children. Working with some of the best minds in neuroscience, education, and psychology, the Foundation created MindUP — an evidence-based curriculum and teaching model for young learners.

Our children are in crisis and need our support.

Please join us in providing them with the preventive mental health tools necessary to thrive.