Christine Conforti

Training Facilitator and Online Community Manager


Christine’s global perspective and cross-cultural empathy began at the Georgetown School of Foreign of Service. As a Teach For America Miami-Dade Corps Member, she taught Math at Brownsville Middle School while immersing herself in the study of equity and education through a Master’s of Education and Social Change at the University of Miami. Christine has worked as a staffer for the United Nations Global Compact, supporting the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative to facilitate public-private partnerships across 35 countries. Inspired by the neuroscience of mindfulness, she joined MindUP in 2012 to facilitate school training, while exploring her own personal “brain break” practice. She is trained in the art of deep coaching, and has coached and mentored over 300 entrepreneurial-minded professionals and business creators to optimize their creative energy and positive impact through mindfulness practices and holistic lifestyle routines. Most recently in education, she served as an elected school board member in New Jersey, advocating for mindfulness and identity-affirming classroom practices that address students’ urgent needs for stress release and sense of belonging.