Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions… Answered by MindUP


  • Can my school train a few lead teachers so that they can train the rest of the staff?

    When a school contracts to become a MindUP School, we provide training and support for the entire staff. Becoming a MindUP School is about integrating the language and concepts into all aspects of the school day. Upon completion of a full year of implementation, lead teachers can receive additional training to support staff attrition and sustainability of the program.

  • Is there research supporting the efficacy of MindUP?

    Yes. MindUP is an evidence-based program. You can read the research supporting outcomes of implementation led to fidelity.

  • Are there alternatives to using the chime?

    When the chime is used in every classroom, it provides continuity as students move from grade to grade. However, the brain break can also be led without it. In deaf and hard of hearing classrooms, teachers have used images to signify the beginning and ending of the brain break.

  • How is MindUP helpful for teachers?

    MindUP helps teachers create an optimistic classroom where children can thrive. The program provides the teacher with tools for transformative classroom management and skills for effective conflict resolution. It helps the teacher ready their students for learning. In addition, MindUP is also for the teachers themselves, providing practices that help them in managing personal and professional challenges as well.

  • Do I need experience in mindful awareness in order to teach the MindUP Lessons?

    The MindUP Year One Training Model prepares teachers to begin delivering lessons upon completion of the initial introductory training. As teachers gain personal experience with the practices, they become skilled in integrating the practices into the way they teach, the language that they use, and the classroom culture that they create.

  • Are there model MindUP schools or districts?

    Of course! MindUP has worked with schools and districts around the world that are doing amazing work integrating MindUP into their schools.

  • How can I become a certified MindUp Consultant?

    Our MindUP consultants have a extensive background in education and have experience working with the MindUP curriculum. You can send your resume and a cover letter describing why you are interested in becoming a mindup consultant to When positions become available we will reach out to qualified candidates.

  • I work for a religious school, can we still use MindUP?

    MindUP is a secular program. The lessons in MindUP can be used in both public and religious settings. MindUP lessons are firmly grounded in neuroscience and supported by the current research findings.

  • Can MindUP help my students even if they don’t have behavioral problems?

    MindUP is a Tier One intervention and is an inclusive program for all students. MindUP develops skills and practices to better manage the stresses and challenges of the 21st century.

  • Can MindUP be used alongside other SEL programs?

    Yes. Some schools have SEL curriculums in place and find that MindUP can provide the development of additional practices that compliment their existing programs. MindUP is a based on a framework grounded in neuroscience and develops universal language that can transform school culture within many contexts.