Give the gift of mental fitness.  


Mental fitness goes beyond the classroom

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Families of students enrolled in our core curriculum at school get free access to our home enrichment program to bridge the gap between school and home learning.

Everything families need for at-home learning

Access to short and engaging courses designed to reinforce school curriculum

Access to our library of guided Brain Breaks to boost emotional regulation and focus

Practice mental fitness together with our Family Activity Packs

All home resources are available in 9 languages

Practice mental fitness as a family

Learn about your beautiful brain


Our program is based in neuroscience and designed for learners of all ages to enjoy.

Build emotional resilience as a family


Learning together as a family cultivates lasting connection and improved communication.

Take time to breathe together daily


Our library of guided Brain Breaks makes it fun and easy to regulate your emotions and reset your nervous system, together.

Connect through gratitude


Practice gratitude and kindness for a more compassionate family dynamic with a lasting community ripple effect.

Ontario, Canada

“At the heart of our training methodology lies a dynamic strategy designed to ignite the passion for learning in adults. We firmly believe that adults are the catalysts for shaping the skills and competencies we aspire to instill in our children. Understanding that children often mirror the behaviors of those around them, we are committed to forging a strong foundation for impactful learning through the power of adult role modeling.”

Training and memberships tailored to every learner

Group Plan

Who it’s for:

School Districts, Schools, and Educational Organizations

What you get:

  • Customized training for your district, school or organization
  • Group-wide licensing of the MindUP Core Curriculum
  • Online training for the whole school
  • Full digital access to our courses, curriculum, and research library
  • Engaging resources for educators and students
  • Access to our Brain Break Resource Library

Individual Plan

Who it’s for:

Individual Educators (Senior Leaders, Teachers, Specialized Educators, etc.)

What you get:

  • MindUP Core Curriculum
  • Full digital access to our platform
  • Flexible self-paced online training

$120 / yr

We want to make MindUP available to everyone, regardless of funding status. If cost is an issue, please email us at to inquire about financial assistance.

Our children are in crisis and need our support.

Please join us in providing them with the preventive mental health tools necessary to thrive.