What is the MindUP™ Program?

MindUP™ is a curriculum and Framework for Success, brought to life in a Mindful Classroom.

MindUP™ is grounded in the pillars of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Mindful Behavior and Social, Emotional Learning. This unique integration of four competencies means that MindUP™ helps children overall build personal resilience — a quality that is key to thriving in today’s world.

At its heart, MindUP™ consists of 15 lessons that are tailored to a child’s age group and development level. Brought to life by a teacher in the classroom, each lesson offers students new mindful strategies that can increase self-control, focus, empathy and optimism. MindUP™ even benefits teachers, restoring order to the classroom, reducing their stress, giving them more time to teach and even improving the quality and quantity of their sleep.

MindUP™ offers an immersive experience and daily practice that shifts a child’s perspective and drives positive behavior, improved learning and scholastic performance. The objective of MindUP it to fully integrate its lessons into the fabric of a safe and optimistic school culture.

And the best news is that MindUP™ really works!

MindUP™ schools have documented lower levels of absenteeism, class disruptions and bullying with increases in positive behaviors including optimism, the ability to work well with others, increased empathy and emotional intelligence, as well as improved planning and organizational skills.

See How MindUP Works.