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Mental fitness leads to a more balanced family and happier home.

MindUP For Parents and Families provides you with resources and strategies for finding optimism, building resilience, and creating solutions the entire family can use.

Goldie’s Brain Break

The Brain Break helps children develop attention and self-regulation. Practiced three times per day, this focused breathing exercise gives children a tool to help them manage stress and emotions by regulating their physiology and activating the attentional regions of the brain.

Parent tips for bringing MindUP lessons and
concepts into the home environment:

Connect with Your Child Through Mindful Moments

Taking time to immerse yourself together in present activities, like listening to sounds, or taking a walk outside, can enrich enjoyment.

Practice Gratitude at a Family Meal

Simply noting one thing we are thankful about helps induce positive emotions

Join Together Daily in a Quiet, Focused Breathing Exercise

Together take three deliberate deep breaths to bring calm and reduce stress

Focus on the Positive

At the end of the day, ask your child to share one or more things that went well today – this helps foster a positive mindset

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