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Designed with every classroom in mind.

MindUP For Schools is an evidence-based program that has been shown to increase pro-social actions, decrease aggressive behaviors, and improve academic achievement especially in math and language arts.

Golden Nuggets for the Classroom

Build Mental Fitness with MindUP’s Golden Nuggets for the classroom! This resource kit helps students understand their brain and be mindful as well as encourages happiness, optimism & gratitude through fun activities!


Positive school-wide culture and climate.

MindUP is a CASEL SELect program, serving children ages three to fourteen

We offer school-wide training and support for teachers, staff, administrators, and parents

99% of those trained say MindUP’s Certified Consultants “met or exceeded expectations” (from 2018 data)

MindUP has been shown to reduce aggression and increase pro-social behaviors

Evidence also demonstrates MindUP’s positive impact on academic measures, such as math and language arts

SELect Programs

The designation indicates that a program is evidence-based; well-designed and classroom-based program that systematically promotes students’ social and emotional competence, provides opportunities for practice, and offers multi year programming; and delivers high-quality training and other implementation support.

Benefits for Teachers, Schools, and Students

An Adaptable Program

Our lessons are designed to easily integrate into a variety of themes and content standards. In fact, they complement almost any subject.

Improved School Culture and Climate

Teachers and students report reductions in aggressive actions and increases in pro-social behaviors. Through MindUP, students learn to regulate emotion and focus attention.

An Optimistic Classroom

MindUP helps teachers create a classroom environment characterized by optimism, compassion and engagement, promoting resilience and fostering expressions of gratitude, empathy, and connection to others.

An Evidence-Based Option for SEL

More than 10 years of independent research, including four randomized control trials, has substantiated MindUP’s impact on a variety of critical academic and social-emotional indicators.

Once children realize that their minds matter, it makes a difference to how they’ll learn. It reinforces the enjoyment and impact of the experience of learning.

— Daniel J. Siegel, MD

MindUP Training

Today more than ever, children need the tools to manage stress and build resiliency. In order to continue living our mission of providing those tools for children, we have designed a training model that allows us to bring MindUP to schools virtually. We are currently offering a series of synchronous and asynchronous virtual MindUP trainings that include schools, districts, administrators and families.

Training Opportunities

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Self-paced training opportunities for educators, parents, caregivers, and individuals looking to start or continue their MindUP learning journey. Learn more about training through our online membership program here.

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