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A richer learning experience for students and teachers

MindUP helps teachers create an optimistic classroom characterized by focused attention, gratitude, empathy, and connection to others.

MindUP is a CASEL SELect ProgramMindUP is a CASEL SELect Program

Key Features of MindUP for Teachers

  • Fifteen easy to implement lessons

  • Activities that build awareness and self-regulation, to improve a child's social-emotional and cognitive abilities

  • The Brain Break, a Core Practice, regulates stress, bringing calm and focus to the classroom

  • Specialized support from experienced Certified MindUP Consultants

  • Lessons that help imbed mindful teaching across the curriculum


Benefits for Teachers, Schools, and Students

  • An Adaptable Program

    Our lessons are designed to easily integrate into a variety of themes and content standards. In fact, they compliment most any subject.

  • Improved School Culture and Climate

    Teachers and students report reductions in aggressive actions and increases in pro-social behaviors. Through MindUP, students learn to regulate emotion and focus attention.

  • An Optimistic Classroom

    MindUP helps teachers create a classroom environment characterized by optimism, compassion and engagement, promoting resilience and fostering expressions of gratitude, empathy, and connection to others.

  • An Evidence-Based Option for SEL

    More than 10 years of independent research, including four randomized control trials, has substantiated MindUP's impact on a variety of critical academic and social-emotional indicators.

“One of my pupils was suffering from depression. He’d never has a friend due to some language processing problems. During the gratitude practice, he heard how important he was to other boys in the class. The difference was extraordinary, and his parents say he is so much happier and now has children come over to play.”

Barbara K, a MindUP teacher

Evidence indicates MindUP's positive impact on a range of measures:

  • 86%

    Children report being able to boost their well-being by using MindUP.

  • 88%

    Children who, after learning MindUP, use it at home.

  • 83%

    Children indicate improvements in pro-social behaviors.

Maloney, J. E., Lawlor, M. S., Schonert-Reichl, K. A., & Whitehead, J. (2016). A mindfulness-based social and emotional learning curriculum for school-aged children: The MindUP program. In K. A. Schonert-Reichl & R. W. Roeser (Eds.), Mindfulness in education: Integrating theory and research into practice (pp. 313 – 334). New York, NY: Springer.

Brain Break with Goldie Hawn


The Brain Break

The Brain Break helps children develop attention and self-regulation. Practiced three times per day, this focused breathing exercise gives children a tool to help them manage stress and emotions by regulating their physiology and activating the attentional regions of the brain.


The MindUP Program consists of four units with 15 sequenced lessons for children in Pre-K through 8th Grade.

  • Social emotional learning is as important for students as academic learning. The MindUP Curriculum beautifully combines both by teaching our students about their brains while they learn important skills that create joyful and harmonious classrooms.

    Rita D. Perez
    Pupil Services

  • MindUp provides consistent and ongoing opportunities for students to practice their social emotional learning skills. As a CASEL SELect program it has extensive research to back its effectiveness.

    Jane Tasker
    Lincoln Elementary School

Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides a foundation for safe and positive schooling, and enhances a child's ability for success in learning and in life.

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