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MindUP™ improves relationships with self and others.

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69% of parents say

that MindUP™ is having a positive impact on their children at home

MindUP™ Positively Impacts Bullying

MindUP™ helps children develop greater empathy and compassion for themselves and for others, through understanding different perspectives. As a result, MindUP™ dramatically improves peer relationships and pro-social behavior, reducing Principal referrals, bullying and school violence.

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What you can expect throughout the year as the MindUP™  framework is implemented. Parents and family are an important part of the equation, which is why we have a workshop just for you.




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Though initially designed as a classroom program, MindUP™ has lessons that are easy to use by parents, helping to improve relationships and promote a healthy dialogue among family members. Click here to purchase the MindUP™ curriculum.

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Got homework drama?

Every child will struggle with a homework assignment from time to time, but if you are experiencing nightly episodes complete with high drama, tears and nagging — check out our helpful homework tips for parents.

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What parents are saying

“MindUP™ gives parents the tools that it takes to help raise a child who thinks of others, isn’t afraid to connect with peers and to just simply try one’s best to be one’s best…one day at a time.”
–Parent, Beach Cities, California

“Our teachers EXPERIENCED the difference that hope and optimism can make. They learned by doing…they could feel the learning–we indeed have created positive memories to build upon…. I am so very grateful….to you, to The Hawn Foundation and to Goldie Hawn for her vision and dream…It was a dream come true today.”
–Parent, Malcomb Middle School, Baton Rouge, LA

“My husband and I both want to thank you for organizing this MindUP™ parent training and making it happen. These workshops give parents the tools that it takes to help raise a child who thinks of others, isn’t afraid to connect with peers and to just simply try ones best to be ones best…one day at a time. We always get a new day to start over and the pressure that one feels can be managed all while knowing that they aren’t alone. When I think of how this could spread and how the world benefits from this research and teachings, it’s simply touching, simply beautiful.”
– Kellie Meno, parent of a FXW student

“We parents are impressed by what our children are learning about their brains and bringing their strategies for calming themselves home. Our 5 year old said, ” My amygdala used to be the boss of me. When I was angry, I used to scream and slam the door to my room. Now my prefrontal cortex helps me to breathe and calm down.” This same child had many meltdowns but by then end of the year, she was self regulating and REALLY loved MindUP.”
Parent- Surrey, BC, Canada 

“I took MindUP  home for the summer to work on my son’s self regulating issues and I am so happy to see that he is using the strategies on his own when he is upset. I noticed how he removed himself from his friends to find some space to breathe and calm down. I am sure that the MindUP program will be a big part of survival with the ever increasing challenges and needs of today’s children in the public school system. When I am feeling defeated by the system, I remember to stop and breathe too so that I can refocus my energy on what I can do- teach! Thanks so much for such a great tool!”
–Parent, Toronto, Ontario

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