Create a learning culture

MindUP™ provides a framework for school success

MindUP™ Schools

Have lower teacher turnover and Have Higher Teacher Satisfaction

Does MindUP Work?

The results are in and they are a resounding “YES!” Hear some of the results that teachers and Certified Workshop Facilitators who have implemented MindUP™ in a school or individual classroom have experienced.

MindUP™ is Evidence-Based

We help you deploy the MindUP™ curriculum and  framework over the school year in a way that seamlessly encourages teacher buy-in and engagement.






Fewer Absences

In 67% of Schools that have implemented the MindUP™ program. Better attendance is a reflection of a student knowing that they "matter."

Less Suspensions

In 75% of Schools where MindUP™ is implemented we see positive changes in Principal referrals, suspensions and expulsions.

Reduced Bullying

In 54% of Schools implementing MindUP™ which helps children develop both empathy and compassion for others.

Better Self-Control

In 75% of Schools where MindUP™ was implemented, teachers reported that children
 had more impulse
 control and 
less reactivity in class.

Fewer Fights

In 75% of Schools using MindUP™ there was a reduction in behavior referrals and fewer fighting incidents with other students.

Why Washoe County Schools chose MindUP™

Watch and learn more about why Washoe County Schools in Reno, Nevada chose to address the Social and Emotional Learning needs of their students district-wide with our age appropriate curriculum, alignment to Common Core and the ease of implementation.

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Hear From a Principal

Meet Ada Munoz Yslas, the Principal and Mrs. Godinez, Kindergarten Teacher, both from Cardenas Elementary School in Van Nuys, California. They have recently implemented the MindUP™ program in their schools and share some of their initial impressions.

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What Principals are saying...

“I use this in my every day life.”
-Assistant Principal, Haddon Avenue STEAM Academy in Pacoima, CA

“We really needed a component that addressed the high stress atmosphere of the academics, and that helped students cope with the “difficulties” of life that they face. This has filled the void in a very different way than a counseling program or similar character education type of program! Thank you MindUP™!”
-Principal, Meridian World School, Round Rock, TX

“The program teaches my staff and students awareness of their emotions and behavior, that they can be controlled, and gives them the knowledge and tools to be calm, serene, and make the best choices for the moment they are living in. This is huge in a school where there is racial conflict, especially living in the time that we are living in.”
-Principal, Brainard Elementary in Lake View Terrace, CA

“[MindUP™] helps my faculty members to relieve stress and anxiety both in their lives and the lives of their students.”

-Principal, Young Men’s Preparatory Academy in Miami, FL

“[MindUP™] ties well with our use of the 2nd Step Violence Prevention Program in our school and also with its connection to a Growth Mindset.”
-Principal, Panorama City Elementary in Panorama City, CA