Create a Mindful Classroom

MindUP™ is a framework to help your students flourish

75% of teachers say

MindUP™ helps students develop self-regulation.

What teachers should know about MindUP™

While we do provide a curriculum guide with 15 Lessons, MindUP™ is not another thing for busy teachers to do. MindUP™ is a way of teaching that provides a richer learning experience for students and returns the joy of teaching to teachers.

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MindUP Is Effective

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What Attracts Teachers to MindUP?

From the flexibility of our framework, to the age appropriate curriculum guides, to the fact that MindUP™ aligns with Common Core, IB and the Growth Mindset — see how teachers and trainers familiar with MindUP™ describe why they are attracted to the program.

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Using MindUP™ In the Classroom Allows Teachers To:

  • Help children achieve and maintain focused attention
  • Experience children in the class as individual learners with a more accurate view of their talents and challenges
  • Respond more thoughtfully and mindfully rather than be reactive when under pressure
  • Improve communication with children, parents and staff
  • Develop a classroom climate that is infused with optimism and hope
  • Creates a stronger, more vibrant school ethos and culture
  • Be happier, more joyful and experience greater job satisfaction

We help teachers incorporate the MindUP™ curriculum and framework into existing lesson plans — creating a richer and more relevant learning environment.



What Teachers are Saying...

“The MindUP™ program has not only changed me as a teacher, but has also had an amazing impact on my students. Imagine how wonderful it would be if students everywhere were given the opportunity to become brain experts!”
— Lori Nunn, Pre-K Teacher, Momentous Institute (formerly Salesmanship Club’s Jonsson School)

“Some of the students are beginning to understand that they need to focus on their learning, that they have control of what they want to focus on so that their learning can progress. Now the students can do “self talk” messages to themselves when they get distracted.  More learning is happening within the classroom!”
1st grade teacher, Waianae Elementary, Waianae, HI

“When we need to calm down, settle in, and focus… MindUP™ helps. It’s also helped my 2nd graders understand their own behaviors and emotions. We can discuss the different ways we’d respond to something disturbing, sad, or stressful using the brain, and help them understand why we react the way we do sometimes.”
-2nd grade teacher, Carpenter Community Charter School, Studio City, CA

“I think [MindUP™] truly puts our lives into perspective. By appreciating each moment and focusing on the present we are able to be more purposeful in what we do and hence, we are able to succeed and feel more satisfied.”
-Kindergarten teacher, Charlotte Lab Schol, Charlotte, NC