Give the gift of mental fitness.  


Educators are our real-life heroes

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Educators are core to our program’s success. Our curriculum is specially designed to provide preventative mental health support for the entire school, so we can all thrive together.

Online courses specially designed for educators

Educator Well-Being


This course is designed for adults working in education. This series of modules introduces the research and science on well-being and mindful teaching through the lens of MindUP’s four pillars—neuroscience, mindful awareness, positive psychology, and social and emotional learning (SEL). It offers opportunities to learn, reflect, and develop strategies to help manage stress and support mental well-being.

Trauma-Sensitive Learning Environments


This course is designed to help educators understand the impact and influence of trauma on students in their classrooms and schools. It introduces trauma-sensitive practices that can be included in teaching to help students experience success despite difficult life situations.

Building Community with an Equity Lens


This course is designed to support educators’ understanding of equity in their classrooms. This series of modules focuses on classroom community, the importance of culturally responsive teaching, the value of creating safe spaces for students in learning environments, and how to identify elements of bias and encourage student voice.

MindUP for Senior Leaders and Administrators


This course is designed to provide district- and school-level leaders with information and strategies to help them support school-wide implementation of the MindUP program. Research has shown that school leaders hold the key to successful school-wide social and emotional learning (SEL) initiatives. This module explores how leaders’ involvement can have a profound impact on the benefits of MindUP for both adults and students in their learning communities.

Teach resilience by example

Our research shows the following proven outcomes amongst educators

Greater self-compassion and lower levels of burnout

Greater sense of personal accomplishment, self-efficacy and self-care

Higher levels of trauma-informed preparedness

de Carvalho, J. S., Pinto, A. M.,& Marôco, J. (2017); Kim, S., Crooks, C. V., Bax, K., & Shokoohi, M. (2021)

Head of Education, MindUP

“At the heart of our training methodology lies a dynamic strategy designed to ignite the passion for learning in adults. We firmly believe that adults are the catalysts for shaping the skills and competencies we aspire to instill in our children. Understanding that children often mirror the behaviors of those around them, we are committed to forging a strong foundation for impactful learning through the power of adult role modeling.”

Training and memberships tailored to every learner

Group Plan

Who it’s for:

School Districts, Schools, and Educational Organizations

What you get:

  • Customized training for your district, school or organization
  • Group-wide licensing of the MindUP Core Curriculum
  • Online training for the whole school
  • Full digital access to our courses, curriculum, and research library
  • Engaging resources for educators and students
  • Access to our Brain Break Resource Library

Individual Plan

Who it’s for:

Individual Educators (Senior Leaders, Teachers, Specialized Educators, etc.)

What you get:

  • MindUP Core Curriculum
  • Full digital access to our platform
  • Flexible self-paced online training

$120 / yr

We want to make MindUP available to everyone, regardless of funding status. If cost is an issue, please email us at to inquire about financial assistance.

Our children are in crisis and need our support.

Please join us in providing them with the preventive mental health tools necessary to thrive.