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MindUP™ encourages positive thinking and behavior resulting in improved academics, optimistic children and more harmonious family relationships. Your donation helps bring our program to teachers in new countries and areas of expansion, such as the Middle East and Asia.

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MindUP™ Shapes Young People Into Healthy, Happy, Global Citizens

Your contribution will help us distribute our MindUP™ 2.0 curriculum to schools who cannot afford the program, as well as communities and school districts that have or are currently experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and trauma.

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We believe in Goldie Hawn’s vision and the power of the MindUP™ program. The program is constantly shifting the possibilities for children to thrive in learning, and in life. MindUP™ schools have teachers that are healthier and more satisfied with their jobs and students that are more optimistic, compassionate and able to focus on academic performance without any added anxiety. By leveraging the best of Social and Emotional Learning, NeuroScience, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness we’ve seen MindUP™ change schools, classrooms and families. With your contribution you too can take credit for helping change lives.

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