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Why I started The Hawn Foundation & MindUP™

The Hawn Foundation by Goldie HawnWhen I started The Hawn Foundation I was driven to bring a solution to our children who were suffering from high levels of stress and who were completely lacking the skills to navigate in a complex world. I was moved by the statistics about the increases in school violence and bullying, youth depression and suicide, and I was concerned about the persistent failure of the education system to help children cope and flourish. 

I had two choices: remain paralyzed with grief, or attempt to fix it. I chose the latter.

The result is MindUP™ — the signature program of The Hawn Foundation which is serving nearly 1 million children in the US, Canada, UK, Serbia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. When I started this program 13 years ago, I could have never imagined we would be where we are today —  surrounded by a world that is now more open and accepting to what the MindUP™ program can offer. The skills and the mindfulness practices that we are teaching have helped our children improve learning and academic performance and learn valuable social and emotional skills that build personal resilience for a lifetime. 

However, while I am proud of the impact we have made, our work is not done and I know in my heart, that with the amazing help and support we are finding in the world today, we will be unstoppable!

So join me in toasting the future of the children we have helped and please accept my deep gratitude for your support.


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