Training Opportunities

Today more than ever, children need the tools to manage stress and build resiliency.

In order to continue living our mission of providing those tools for children, we have designed a training model that allows us to bring MindUP to schools virtually. We are currently offering a series of synchronous and asynchronous virtual MindUP trainings that include schools, districts, administrators and families.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Training Opportunities

Online Interactive Platform


Self-paced online training opportunities to support educators, senior leaders and adults with MindUP implementation at school or at home.

Virtual Training


Virtual training sessions led by a certified MindUP consultant to support educators and the school community to plan for in-person or remote implementation.


(Synchronous and Asynchronous)

Enjoy an introductory virtual training session led by a certified MindUP Consultant then continue your learning journey online through our interactive platform.

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Self-paced training opportunities for educators, parents, caregivers, and individuals looking to start or continue their MindUP learning journey. Learn more about training through our online membership program here.

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