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From left to right: Tina Seedi – Asst. Head, Goldie Hawn – THF Founder, Harsha Patel – Head Teacher, Hussein Hussein – MindUP™ Leader


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MindUP™ helped reduce fixed term exclusions

From 15 exclusions last school year​ (2014-15)​ to 4 exclusions this year​ (2015-16)

One year on from implementing MindUP™

In this film, we aim to share with you our MindUP™ journey.
MindUP™ is successfully embedded in teaching and learning, transforming our whole school ethos. MindUP™ has helped our school place the wellbeing and happiness of our children, staff and families at the heart of what we do. As a result our children are much calmer, more focused and happier. This year our academic achievements have exceeded expectations.


Gratitude Circles at Copenhagen

We do gratitude circles as part of our daily ‘Check In’ with the children. Simply focusing for a minute on the experience in our lives that we are grateful for shifts our thinking to a calmer, more content perspective which can immediately uplift and comfort us. Daily practice of expressing gratitude helps children to develop a positive mindset and to maintain a more healthier, optimistic perspective.

What the Copenhagen Community are saying about MindUP™

“The brain break is really good to me, because if I am having a bad day it takes my mind of it.”

“When you do a brain break it unlocks your mind ready for learning.”

“MindUP™ provides children with a toolkit. The children are a lot happier and they understand that there is nothing wrong with being upset…the most important thing is making sure the children are informed and that they know why they’re feeling the way they are…and the children around them are feeling less anxious.”

“Children are using MindUP strategies in a more preventative manner… children are coming to me and saying I felt angry but I went and I tried breathing it helped.”

“I can see that with the language that they’re using, that they can talk to other people about empathy and talk about their feelings.”

“MindUP™ helps children who have negative images of themselves due to the circumstances that they’re in, it helps challenge those thoughts and to understand the power of being positive and the impact that has.”