Bringing attention to the breath

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Attending to the here and now

At Fielding Primary School all children from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6 learn about their brain and how to self regulate their emotions and behaviour through mindful awareness techniques. They learn how to quiet the mind through the core breathing practice, The Brain Break, this takes place 3 times a day. As part of MindUP training for schools, parents are also trained in the techniques of focused breathing and mindful awareness.

Let us tell you about our brain


What the Fielding Community are saying about MindUP™

“Teaching MindUP has had a huge impact on me in my teaching and in my personal life. I am much calmer, I sleep better and approach things in a more optimistic way”

“The Parent Workshop was all relevant, simple and easy to work with. I really enjoyed it.”

“I think it is great that my children are being taught MindUP in school.”

“Since teaching MindUP, I have noticed my class have a more positive mindset. They are now open to learning from mistakes and respond to challenge in a more optimistic way.”

“The children love the brain breaks, they ask for them and many use them at home, because they enjoy the benefits.”