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At Little Ealing we have been teaching MindUP since  January 2015. We wanted to give our children a very positive experience in terms of learning about their emotions and their behaviour. The children have been incredibly enthusiastic about MindUP. They love learning about their brain and are better able to talk about their feelings and make better choices. The children enjoy the daily brain breaks and our teachers feel the benefits too, they express how this daily practice positively impacts on their teaching and the children’s learning.


Little Ealing & MindUP™

When we started our journey with MindUP, we identified a key teacher to lead on implementation. This has been crucial to the success of MindUP becoming embedded in whole school practice. We have mapped MindUP to our PSHE framework, and our teachers appreciate the natural links to other areas of the curriculum. The practices and techniques of mindful awareness are embedded in all lessons, this has become a way of teaching and learning.

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What the Little Ealing Community are saying about MindUP™

“When I come in from playtime I can be a little jumpy, the brain break helps me to calm and be ready for learning.”

“When my son was in hospital, he asked me to bring his amygdala shaker. I was amazed how he used his breathing to reduce his worries and anxieties.”

“The mindfulness sessions help bring the children together”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending MindUP to other headteachers, the training and resources provided by the Hawn Foundation is excellent”