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MindUP™ Improved relationships with self and others

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69% of Parents say

That MindUP™ is having a positive impact on their children at home.

More Pro-Social Behaviour

MindUP™ helps children develop greater empathy and compassion for themselves and for others, through understanding different perspectives. MindUP™ dramatically improves peer relationships and pro-social behaviour, reducing bullying and school violence.

See how it works

What you can expect throughout the year as the MindUP  framework is implemented. Parents and family are an important part of the equation, which is why we have a workshop just for you.


What Parents are Saying About MindUP™

When children bring MindUP™ home, it can be powerful indeed. See what these parents say about MindUP™ and how it promotes more harmony at home.

Got Homework drama?

Every child will struggle with a homework assignment from time to time, but if you are experiencing nightly episodes complete with high drama, tears and nagging — check out our helpful homework tips for parents.

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