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MIndUP™ UK Schools

"The children are much happier and have a better sense of self."

Bringing MindUP™ to life in UK Schools

Teachers and trainers tell their stories about why MindUP appeals to teachers and children.

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Our Core Practice

Our core practice takes place three times a day, it helps us to be calm, focussed and ready to learn. Our MindUP™ work helps us to stop and feel a pause, especially when we are about to do something and make a choice. It helps us to remember to be grateful for all that we are and all that we have in our world.

Fewer Absences

In 67% of Schools that have implemented the MindUP™ program. Better attendance is a reflection of a student knowing that they "matter." Get MindUP™ »

Less Exclusions

In 75% of Schools where MindUP™ is implemented we see reduced behaviour and exclusions. Get MindUP™ »

Reduced Bullying

In 54% of Schools implementing MindUP™ which helps children develop both empathy and compassion for others. Get MindUP™ »

Better Self-Control

In 75% of Schools where MindUP™ was implemented, teachers reported that children
 had more impulse
 control and 
less reactivity in class. Get MindUP™ »

Fewer Fights

In 75% of Schools using MindUP™ there was a reduction in behavior referrals and fewer fighting incidents with other students. Get MindUP™ »

Working in Partnership with Schools

• Our UK certified MindUP™ trainers have a wealth of experience working in a wide range of schools

• They are Class teachers, Senior leaders, Headteachers or Advisors supporting school improvement.

• We strive to tailor MindUP™ training and support to the unique context of your setting

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