Create a Mindful Classroom

MindUP™ is a Framework to help your students flourish.

75% of Teachers Say

MindUP™ helps students develop self-regulation.

What teacher should know about MindUP™

While we do provide a curriculum guide with 15 Lessons, MindUP™ is not another thing for busy teachers to do. MindUP™ is a way of teaching that provides a richer learning experience for students and returns the joy of teaching to teachers.

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The Core Practice 3 x Per Day

Our daily “Brain Breaks” help children quiet the mind and prepare to focus.

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We help teachers incorporate the MindUP™ curriculum and framework into existing lesson plans — creating a richer and more relevant learning environment.



Using MindUP™ in the Classroom Allows Teachers to:

  • Help children achieve and maintain focused attention
  • Experience children in the class as individual learners with a more accurate view of their talents and challenges
  • Respond more thoughtfully and mindfully rather than be reactive when under pressure
  • Improve communication with children, parents and staff
  • Develop a classroom climate that is infused with optimism and hope
  • Creates a stronger, more vibrant school ethos and culture
  • Be happier, more joyful and experience greater job satisfaction

See How it works

What teachers are saying...

“My mindset now is completely different, I have learnt that a worry is a worry and that it will pass.”

“I use MindUP™ a lot in my own personal life, I take a moment for myself at the end of the school day and this really helps.”

The children ask for their brain breaks, they are definitely more focused.  They show more active listening and are better at remembering. They have developed a more positive mindset and are less anxious.”

 “MindUP™ is for all children, its not just for calming but supports focus and supports a positive attitude towards learning and life.”

 “Children who have difficulty controlling their anger are beginning to use mindful breathing independently and sometimes without reminders.”

 “When Frankie was upset I couldn’t get him to try breathing, so we went to the school garden he started to calm and focus on a yellow flower being visited by a bee. He was then calm enough to do some mindful breathing with me.”

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