MindUP™ arrived in 2012 — a little gift with massive impact.


Mindful Sensing Practice

Mindful tasting, smelling, moving & listening are techniques that we build into our daily teaching. It helps the children to focus their attention and impacts positively on their learning.

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Our brains are built for compassion and empathy

Being concerned about others and understanding the feelings of those around us are basic skills for emotional intelligence. When children develop compassion and empathy, they learn to recognise that their words and actions have an impact on others. Practicing this daily builds the social and emotional competence that children need in order to be resilient and confident.

Savouring joy

What West Rise Infants Community is saying about MindUP™

‘As well as having huge impact in school, it has been amazing to have parents come to us and ask about mindful breathing as children have gone home and told their parents about ‘the breath’. When this work transfers into home lives it is becomes even more important’
Deputy Head

‘When introducing core practice to the class again this term in Year 2 one child said ‘I know this and  I know that when my brain gets ‘fuzzy’ I make ‘bad choices’. Children use a mindful moment to calm and refocus and it is their natural response now to help diffuse a  situation .
Teaching Assistant Year 2

‘Last Year mindful breathing  was so important to our class. We kept to a real routine and  children were definitely more calm – the whole class really. We had some tricky characters  and if it wasn’t for the breathing practice it would have been tricky to bring the class back together after break times’
Class Teacher Year 1

‘MindUP™ sits at the very heart of what we do and impacts so strongly, so widely. I had read the Research and was interested in the evidence on academic impact. In 2014 we have seen the very  best results and how amazing to see children in charge of heir emotional selves as they began  their SATs. MindUP is leading our work and sits firmly at the centre of our values & ethos.’ 
Lynne Weir HT